The Specific Analysis Of The Fuel Pumps

There are 3 different Fuel Pumps on the market primarily, here below described each one.
● Mechanical Fuel Pump
● Electrical Fuel Pump
● Fuel Pump with Diaphragm
● Diaphragm Fuel Pump
● Fuel Pump with a plunger

1.Mechanical Fuel Pump
Divided into two types:diaphragm-type fuel pumps and plunger-type fuel pumps.
Low Pressure, Also employed for high-pressure applications occasionally. The function is to move gasoline from the tank to the spark-ignition engine’s fuel bowl primarily.

2.Electric Fuel Pump
Commonly found in contemporary automobiles.It generates high pressure in order to distribute gasoline from the pump.It should be maintained away from the engine, especially the gasoline tank for safety.

3.Fuel Pump with diaphragm
A positive displacement pump which are one-way valves.The pressure within the pump falls below atmospheric pressure as the diaphragm compresses, and the gasoline is sucked through the inlet valve.The fuel within the pump was forced out through the output valve conversely.


Bad Fuel Pump exhibiting:
● Start difficultly
● Engine Stalling
● Fuel Tank Noise
● Lower Gas Mileage
● Actual Stall
● Pressure Gauge Problems
● Lower Fuel Efficiency

1. Difficult on beginning
If the fuel pump cannot send the gasoline from the tank to the engine, the car can not absorb the energy, so the worn pump can not build the pressure under such circumstances, the engine runs out of the gasoline, the car will not begin, It’s a typical situation.

2. Stalling of the Engine
There are lots of reasons caused the stalling. But if the vehicle thermometer is in a high level, we have to be cautious of the fuel pump motor failure.

3. Noise From the Fuel Tank
A Loud shout coming from the gasoline tank shows your fuel pump is broken. It could be the failure of the pump bearings.
If the fuel is polluted or there’s not enough gasoline in the tank, the pump can make lots of noise either.

Post time: Sep-20-2022