Never Wash The Diesel Pump Nozzle!

The diesel injector is a durable car part. It usually does not need to be replaced. Therefore, many vehicle owners think that cleaning the nozzle is completely unnecessary. Well, the answer is absolutely opposite.


In fact, it is necessary to clean the nozzle regularly. If the nozzle is blocked or accumulated a lot of carbon deposit, it needs to be cleaned in time. The nozzle cleaning cycle is 2 years or 50,000 kilometers. At the same time, in case the vehicle is regularly used on the road with poor condition, we should clean the nozzle in advance. When the fuel nozzle has blockage problems, the vehicle's power will be greatly affected and there may be a serious failure to ignite the phenomenon.

There is no such thing as not cleaning the nozzle. The life of the fuel injector is much longer than that of the other parts such as spark plugs and piston rings. However, this does not mean that nozzles need not be cleaned. If your car has a direct injection engine, there is likely to be a lot of carbon accumulation on the nozzle. In some situation, we need to remove the injector nozzle, and then use a special carbon removal cleaning agent for treatment. Since everybody expects that the nozzle is more durable, we should regularly maintain it.

The main function of the diesel injector is to coordinate the ignition time of the valve mechanism and inject gasoline into the cylinder regularly and quantitatively. That way, the spark plug fires and the vehicle generates power. The car nozzle without in-cylinder direct injection technology is installed in the inlet pipe; The injector nozzle of an in-cylinder direct injection engine is directly mounted outside the cylinder. The quality of fuel nozzle affects the degree of fuel atomization, which means the higher the degree of atomization, the higher of vehicle combustion efficiency. Therefore, the choice of a good quality nozzle is particularly important.

Post time: Nov-04-2022