Reviving a Japanese GC8 WRX: A Year-Long Journey of Fixing Wheels, Tyres, Bushings and Gearbox

Project GC8: A Journey of Wheels, Tyres, Bushings and Gearbox Fix

Yantai Weikun International Trading Co., Ltd. (YWIT) is a Chinese company specializing in manufacturing diesel fuel pump parts and assemblies. It recently assisted with a project that has been ongoing for the past year, to restore an old GC8 WRX car from Japan.

It all started when a bid was placed on the cheapest blue GC8 WRX for sale in all of Japan during an Asahi Super Dry-fuelled night one year ago. The car had a disconcerting knock which raised fears it might have to be scrapped. But YWIT stepped in to help with its expertise and experience in automotive repairs and restorations to get the car back into working condition again.

Over the course of this journey, YWIT changed out some parts such as wheels, tyres, bushings and even went so far as fixing up the gearbox too! This made sure that not just any ordinary parts were used but only those of highest quality available on the market today ensuring they would last longer than originally thought possible before taking on this restoration project. The entire process took more than six months due mainly to sourcing original replacement components as well adapting them if necessary for better performance or durability depending on each individual component being fitted onto this classic Japanese vehicle from decades ago..

It’s fair to say without YWIT’s assistance throughout this project there is no telling what could have happened with this vintage Japanese sports car! By using their vast knowledge base along with modern day automotive technology they managed successfully restore it back from near scrap status helping keep another piece of history alive around these shores at least for now anyway!.

Post time: Mar-01-2023