The Detailed Description About The Plunger Pumps

The Plunger Pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps. They are divided into four kinds generally: simplex pumps or duplex pumps; direct-acting pumps or indirect-acting pumps; single-acting pumps or double-acting pumps; and the power pumps.

Some reciprocating pumps also have reciprocating motion, they are powered by the prime movers. They are powered by the reciprocating steam piston or the plunger. The plunger rodof the steam piston could connected to the liquid piston of the pump directly, and could be connected with a beam or linkage in directly.

On the liquid pumps’ ends, the direct-acting piston pumps have one plunger, it is driven by the pump rod directly, also worked on the piston rod and other extension parts, and carries the piston of the power ends.
The Indirect-acting pumps are the separate reciprocating engine, which are driven by the means of the beam or linkage to connected with.


Simplex plunger pump, also called a single piston plunger pump. A simplex plunger pump has a single liquid(pump) cylinder. The duplex plunger pump is more like two simplex type pumps placed on the same foundation side by side. The driving of the pistons or plungers of the duplex pump is arranged in a manner, when one piston is on its upstroke the other piston is on its down stroke, vice versa. Compared to a simplex pump of the comparable design, this kind of arrangement doubles the capacity of the duplex pump.

The single-acting plunger pump can takes a suction, only can fill the pump cylinder on the stroke in one direction, we call it the suction stroke. And when the cylinder return stroke, can force the liquid out of it. A double-acting plunger pump is discharging the liquid from the other end of the cylinder, because it fills one end of the liquid cylinder.

Post time: Sep-20-2022