Chinese Emission Standard At PhaseⅢ Valve Cover Model

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  • Model No.: W230922044100148
  • Diameter: 1.5MM
  • Length: 2MM
  • Applicable Fuel Injector Model NO.: F00VC01346
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    Picture of Valve Cover

    ● To protect valve against rusting.
    ● To keep the dirt and grim away from the valve, which will cause excessive wear and corrosion and lead to leaks and loss of tire pressure.
    ● To protect the machinery from the elements, and prevents oil leaks.


    The valve cover is a valve part fitted with a stem seal that connects or supports the actuator. Cover and body may be integral or separated. The cover is the top cap, which is a detachable part of the main face of the body assembly. It is usually connected to the body with a high strength bolt. It is a part under pressure and is therefore designed for the same conditions as the valve housing. To remove the inner parts, often first remove the valve cover; However, in some valve configurations, the bonnet is cast together with the body.

    The valve cover in the safety valve plays the role of protecting the safety valve adjusting screw, on the one hand to prevent the screw from rusting, on the other hand to prevent damage to the adjusted safety valve take-off setting valve. The main function of the safety valve of the oil pump is to prevent the outlet pipeline from being blocked and the outlet pressure is too high to cause the oil pump to burn down or damage the pipeline equipment.

    Valve is the control part of the fluid delivery system, with cut-off, regulation, diversion, pressure regulation, shunt or overflow pressure relief functions. One usage of the valve cover is to position the stem, ensure that the stem normal transmission switch. Another usage is the sealing effect, which can prevent the internal fluid outflow with a certain strength. It's just not letting the liquid out. The cover of the gate valve mainly plays the role of pressing the packing.

    Picture of Valve Cover



    Generally, there is a nameplate on the valve cover with the model number of the relief valve. Safety valve models are standard and non-standard. The single weight of the valve cover is only 0.05kg, which is very small. And the product volume is 6cm * 7cm * 4.5cm. Also the material used in this product is Gr15.This results in high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.

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