Repair Kits Of Applicable Fuel Pump 7100 or 8500 Series

Short Description:

  • Applicable Fuel Pump: 7100 or 8500 Series
  • Rubber Operating Temperature: Nitrile Rubber(NBR)≤120℃
    Fluoro Rubber(FKM or FPM)≤300℃
  • Weight: 0.14KG
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    ● To secure optimal product life time .
    ● To minimize down time of your equipment.
    ● To repair the pump at the lowest price.


    A repair kit or service kit is a set of items used to repair a device, commonly comprising both tools and spare parts. Many kits are designed for vehicles, such as cars, boats, airplanes, motorbikes, and bicycles, and may be kept with the vehicle in order to make on-the-spot repairs

    In addition, a repair kit is a collection of parts that are easily damaged or worn out. In other words, the items needed for repair are packaged directly. It provides convenience and saves space and time for those who use it. Repair package includes vulnerable small parts, such as oil seal, bushing, liner, O-ring, etc. An oil seal is a device part used in a machine to prevent fluid from escaping through the seams. Bushing is a ring sleeve that acts as a gasket. In valve applications, the bushing is inside the bonnet and wraps around the stem. It generally uses graphite and other corrosion resistant materials for sealing. O-ring also plays a sealing role. It is made of rubber, which will ensure the sealing effect and prevent decay. Moreover, people can repair the pump by using the parts in the repair kit.

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    Convenience is synonymous with a repair kit. When your fuel injection pump breaks down, you can easily fix it with a repair kit. Besides, we all know that time is money. Using a repair kit will save you from wasting unnecessary time. Because you can find the parts you need in the shortest time in this repair kit. This will greatly improve your productivity. Though it is small, it can play an important role when you need it. Its small size also saves storage space. Therefore, you can store it anywhere in your car.

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