Denso Fuel Injector Assembly Model No.095000-5511

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  • Fuel Injector Model No.: 095000-5511
  • Applicable Nozzle Model No.: DLLA152P865
  • Applicable Valve Plate Model No.: 1211814
  • Applicable Sealing Ring Set Model No.: 1210457
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    ● Cold start problems are almost eliminated.
    ● Better engine life.
    ● It results in Enhanced engine efficiency.
    ● It also offers better fuel efficiency.
    ● More efficient burning of fuel results in cleaner environment.


    Fuel Injection is a technology that is used in automobiles and it eliminates the need for carburetors. The technology helps the engine to supply fuel directly to the cylinder in the intake manifold or in simple words it supplies fuel directly to the engine.
    Fuel injection technology is one wherein fuel is directly supplied to the cylinder in the intake chamber. Sensors located in such engines regulate the flow of fuel injected and maintain it to appropriate levels.

    As long as the sensors are working properly, the possibilities of breakdown and chock are immensely reduced. One can even find different types of fuel injecting systems like throttle body fuel injection systems and single point fuel injection systems.

    The throttle body system supplies fuel located on throttle bodies directly to the intake chamber whereas the single point systems supply fuel from a single injector.
    Whatever might be the type of fuel injection used, they bring in crispier throttle response and generally a more involving ride. Fuel injection systems also improve fuel efficiency as well.

    Fuel Injector



    Fuel injected engines are efficient when we talk ‘work’. By efficient, I mean the overall engine performance increases. A pump is actually located in the system that makes sure that the fuel efficiently mixes with air and is supplied to the combustion chamber to produce efficient power.

    Pump regulates and utilizes the amount of fuel that is subjected to the combustion chamber. Accelerator acts as a command for the pump to start pouring required amount of fuel and air to burn, making the engine generate more power and it results in enhanced throttle res Fuel Injection.

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