Diesel Injection Pump Fuel Delivery Valve Model No.131160-4620 32A

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  • Model No.: 131160-4620 32A
  • Length: 19MM
  • Diameter: 18.5MM
  • Weight: 0.03KG
  • Applicable Fuel Pump: 7100 Series
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    ● Improve the working efficiency of fuel injection pump.
    ● Stop spraying quickly, no oil leakage.
    ● Prevent oil droplets before injection and improve the injection speed;
    ● Prevent fuel backflow and maintain a certain residual pressure in the high-pressure tubing.


    Fuel delivery valve is a one-way valve. The conical part of the fuel valve is the axial seal conical surface of the valve, and the cone part of the valve slides in the pilot hole to play a guiding role. Its tail is processed with grooves, forming a cross section, in order to allow fuel to pass through. There is a small cylindrical surface under the cone of the oil outlet valve, known as the decompression ring, its role is to make the oil pressure in the high-pressure tubing drop rapidly at the end of the oil supply, in order to avoid the phenomenon of oil droplets at the nozzle hole. A reduced pressure volume is formed between it and the sealing cone. The inner chamber of the pressure nut of the fuel delivery valve is provided with a grooved reducing container. To reduce the volume of the inner cavity space, promote the rapid spray stop, limit the maximum lift of the oil valve, is its role.

    Picture of Delivery Valve-main



    Fuel delivery valve is one of the precision parts in the injection pump. Fuel delivery valve and seat are precision products made of high quality alloy steel. Its pilot hole, upper and lower end face and seat hole after precision processing and grinding can not be exchanged after pairing.

    What's more, fuel delivery valve plays an important role in the process of injection. It also plays a key role in controlling the residual pressure, injection time, injection law and velocity characteristics of the high pressure system. Its function is to prevent oil from dripping before spraying. When using the fuel delivery valve, its pressure will decrease rapidly and stop quickly.

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