Fuel Transfer Pump For Diesel Injection Pump Model No.SPKF2205.5J4

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  • Model No.: SP/KF2205.5J4
  • Height: 123MM
  • Width: 100MM
  • Weight: 1.22KG
  • Applicable Fuel Pump: 8500 Series
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    ● It ensures the continuous, smooth and efficient running of the engine without any interruption.
    ● It possesses good combustion and atomization capabilities.
    ● Excellent suction capabilities.


    Fuel Pumps can move fuel, such as diesel, petrol or another type of fuel, from one place to another, from one storage container into another or, more frequently, from a storage container into a vehicle via the dispensing nozzle, Many fuel transfer pumps are either mains or battery powered, for larger or heavily used refueling stations, but hand pumps are available and can be a good solution for certain types of use.

    A fuel transfer pump simply transfers fuel either from one tank to another, or from a container to a nozzle so it can be dispensed into a vehicle. A pump can also be used to transfer fuel from one car to another, or even to extract fuel from a vehicle & back into a storage container.

    Diesel transfer pump uses to fuel all types of diesel automobiles, including plant equipment, truck vehicles, cars, coaches, trucks, and buses, etc. Diesel transfer pump presents in the fueling system that allows fuel to move from one location to the desired location. These pumps also use in various industries and adaptable applications.

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    The normal application temperature of fuel transfer pump is within 250 degrees. If you need to transport high temperature medium, you can customize the suitable temperature can be within 350 degrees high temperature fuel transfer pump. You can also customize the heat preservation jacket for the transmission of high temperature medium heat preservation.

    Fuel transfer pump is suitable for conveying materials: lubricating oil or other liquid similar to lubricating oil with no solid particles or fibers, no corrosion, temperature not higher than 250℃, viscosity of 5×10 ~ 1.5×10m/s(5-1500CST).Oil pump flow rate: 1-58 cubic meters/hour. High temperature pump is suitable for conveying high temperature, no impurity medium.

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