Fuel Injection Pump Housing Of Applicable Fuel Pump 8500 PZ Series

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  • Length: 242MM
  • Height: 208MM
  • Weight: 5.84KG
  • Applicable Fuel Pump: 8500 PZ Series
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    ● Compact structure, high matching degree.
    ● Improve the working efficiency of fuel pump.
    ● High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life.


    A fuel pump is a mechanical pump that draws fuel from a tank to provide the fuel supply for a carburetor or fuel injection system, and the fuel pump housing is the outer box of the pump. The shell of the oil pump is made of aluminized material. There are movable molds in the housing. Moreover, the movable mold is made of one certain material that contains at least one iron-based alloying element. The most important is that the thermal expansion coefficient of the shell should be greater than or equal to 60%.

    Fuel pump has the characteristics of simple structure, compact size, good suction, large oil delivery, low noise and so on. It is suitable for all kinds of machine tools. Similarly, it is also suitable for internal combustion engines, diesel engines, ships and other mechanical equipment. The fuel pump delivers high pressure fuel to the splitter to ensure a continuous supply of fuel to the nozzle. The fuel pump consists of an electric motor, a pressure limiter and a check valve. The electric motor actually works in the fuel oil in the oil pump housing. The fuel oil lubricates and cools the fuel motor. A check valve is installed at the oil outlet, and the pressure limiter is located at the pressure side of the oil pump housing with a channel leading to the oil inlet.

    Picture of FPH


    Picture of FPH

    The function of the pump housing is to collect the liquid thrown out by the inner impeller and convert part of the kinetic energy of the high-speed liquid into static pressure energy. The reason is that the shell shape is volute, the flow section gradually increases, the velocity decreases, and the pressure rises.

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