Diesel Engine Fuel Pump Injector Nozzle Model No.L204PBA

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  • Model No.: BH4QT95R9
  • Delivery Capacity: 50L
  • Number of Cylinders: 1
  • Number of Valves: 1
  • Cylinder Bore: 30mm
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    ● Reduces the chance of the fuel boiling
    ● Ensure the car run properly
    ● Allows the vehicle to start


    Fuel pump is one of the basic components of fuel injection system of injection vehicle. The fuel pump is located inside the vehicle's fuel tank. The function is to suck the fuel from the fuel tank, pressurize it and transport it to the fuel supply pipe, and establish a certain fuel pressure with the fuel pressure regulator.

    The fuel pump consists of an electric motor, a pressure limiter and a check valve. The electric motor actually works in the fuel oil in the oil pump housing. Don't worry, because there's nothing in the shell to set fire to. The fuel oil lubricates and cools the fuel motor. A check valve is installed at the oil outlet. The pressure limiter is located on the pressure side of the pump housing with a channel to the oil inlet. The fuel pump works during startup and engine running. If the engine stops while the ignition switch is still ON, the HFM-SFI control module turns off the power to the fuel pump to avoid accidental ignition.

    Picture of Fuel Pump-main



    A fuel pump is a type of pump used in an oil supply system. It is used to overcome the hydraulic resistance of the fuel filter and to stabilize the amount of fuel supplied to the high-pressure pump when the hydraulic pressure of the filter is raised due to dirt. The flow rate OF the fuel pump should be at least 2+3.5 times of the maximum fuel supply of the engine to ensure that the high-pressure pump can work stably in the case of dirty filter and high resistance.

    The fuel pump is driven by a high-pressure pump shaft or an engine. In some systems, an electrically driven pump is used to manufacture an auxiliary pump. Fuel pump has piston type, diaphragm type, gear type, rotor-vane type and other different types.

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